The importance of vocabulary

So I’ve read Alex Quigley’s ‘Closing the Vocabulary Gap’ and it makes for grim reading. There is a real case of word poverty linked to external factors that impacts on children’s learning. Put plainly, if they can’t understand what they’re hearing or reading, they can’t participate. As teachers, we choose high quality texts to improve vocabulary exposure, but if we don’t break down the meaning of the words it’s like inviting the children to a party and leaving them looking through the window. Understanding helps them get involved and apply their thinking.

Step forward the Vocabulary Ninja! I was lucky enough to receive a personalised copy of Andrew Jennings’ book about how to embed vocabulary teaching in all year groups and help to close the gap for the word poor children in our classes.

The book, along with the helpful resources on the website, explain that there’s two types of vocabulary teaching: explicit and in the moment. We already know this to be true of phonics teaching and the book explains how to maximise every moment of the day to deepen the vocabulary of the children (and probably ourselves too).

The Ninja knows that there is barely any time in the day to fit in vocabulary teacher, so his short, consistent approach can easily be slotted in to the day.

The website ( has free downloadable resources – including the word of the day resources – as well as topic and book related vocabulary packs to buy. I highly recommend buying the book because lots of the words lists are included.

You can follow the Vocabulary Ninja on Twitter and see examples of classroom practice. @VocabularyNinja

There are also apps to explore, which I will be doing shortly and feeding back soon!

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