Hermelin: The Detective Mouse

Hermelin: The Detective Mouse by Mini Grey

This book is a pure joy and I’ve been recommending it to people on Twitter. It’s funny, engaging and absolutely full of curiosities to spark some fantastic learning.

Hermelin is a mouse that has fashioned himself as a detective by solving the problems of the people on the street whilst remaining anonymous.

The children in my class were absolutely enthralled with this story and talked about it for the entire year. I brought a typewriter in with a note from Hermelin asking the children to be detectives and type up their case notes. When some cookies disappeared from the classroom, the children were busy making case folders and following a trail of clues that led them to the culprit – our AHT! There was a flood of furious writing and typing as the children wrote about what happened. I found a white mouse toy that the children used to act out their own stories too.

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