Mr Tiger Goes Wild

Mr Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

This book never fails to make the children giggle and for that reason alone it is one of my favourite books.

Mr Tiger is bored of living in the town where everything is prim and proper – he wants to be more wild. And so he goes on a journey of self discovery (involving shedding his clothes), yet finds that he misses some of the structure of modern life. When he returns, the animals learn from him and discover how to let go a little and have fun.

The artwork in this book is exquisite. The contrast between the gloomy city and the colourful wilderness infers so much.

In the classroom, I’ve used this book to create fantastic collages with the children which we displayed with captions about how to add a little ‘wild’ to our own lives.

This book can be used as part of well-being and self esteem discussions, as well as environmental issues.